Sunday, July 31, 2016

Blue Heus

Just sharing this month's layout for Scrap the Girls
This month's moodboard and inspiration was made just for me I'm sure. I love these colours. To be very honest it ended up challenging me to the last minute really. There was an never ending creative block in the house this month. I sifted through all my papers and that's a lot, I've been scrapping for about 15 years. I've had clean outs in that time but you know how you keep those special papers, ones that you just love but never seem to work when you pull them out, yeah them. And the newer more recent one's I just had to have. Well would you believe I didn't have one paper I could use that I liked or was the right shade I had in mind. 
Anyhoo three layout attempts later I waded through the two files marked 'Scrap Patterned Paper' and found some matches so this entire layout is from my scrap file (did you like that pun :D)

Here the moodboard this month.
challenge yourself and come play, we have the best prizes for playing along. 

Here's my take on the board.

Once I'd settled on what paper was going were I used texture paste to stencil the mandala in place.

When the paste was dry I carefully separated the edges of each paper and glued some core-creations card underneath, just letting a thin line of blue colour peep through.
I added some blue water colour pencil around the very edges of the design and blended it really well until I was happy with the hue.
Followed by placing bling on the dots and in the center of the floral designs.

Come on come, play along. 

You could win a 
$25 voucher from

Visit Scrap the Girls to play and for some awesome inspiration from all the DT girls.

Until next time
Happy Creating

Friday, July 1, 2016

July already!!

Why is it so??? 
Where does the time go?? I know I say this a lot but seriously,,,, it's going way too fast.
I didn't get to share my layout for Scrap the Girls last month so I've got two to show you today.

Here's this months sketch and my interpretation 
Come play along. This months sponsor is Scrapbook Boutique and you have a chance to win a $25 Voucher 
We're fairy mad in our house at the moment,,, well Cadence and I are so I couldn't not do a fairy themed layout and especially because I love these photos of her and a friend playing in our front garden. She's dressed in a dress Erin (her Mum) wore when she was the same age and I love that she's put her pink gum boots on with it. :)

There's Fairies at the bottom of our garden

Here's last month's layout and the inspiration comes from this gorgeous mood board.
You fill my Soul with Sunshine
This little girl is my sunshine and my joy she fills my soul full every time she's with me.  

Miss Cadence decided she would help a little with my layout without my instructions. If you look closely in the picture above the little cut lines are her helping,,,,,bless her cotton sox. Luckily for little Miss nearly 5 I was able to do a patch up job :)

In an effort to stay creating I've joined a circle journal group through Scrapping Clearly
The idea for those that don't know, is to create a theme, the cover, sign in page and first double page of an art journal. You then send that on to the the next person in your group and the person before you on the list in the group sends you hers. This means for 12 months you receive someones art journal and yours and everyone else's does a full round of the group until it comes back to you, hence the name circle journal or cj for short. 
This is mine and it's well on it journey through the group. I can't wait to get it back and see what creations are inside.


Sign in page.

First page

Here's some of the pages I've done in other's journals.

The last couple of Pocket Letter swaps I've done with  Scrapping Clearly I'm sure if you want to play along they will welcome you.

Well that's me creatively for the last couple of months.
I hope you find some time for yourself to create.
It really is food for the soul.
Until next time
Happy creating
Audrey x
 How about creating art to make your soul grow AND make a living of it as well? Thought so! :) Here is how:

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Little Miss Four and a 1/2

Hi there,
I'm a little behind with Scrap the Girls after suffering a really bad chest infection when the last layout was due. So no layout for last month. But here's this month's, inspired by this sketch -
Here's my take on the sketch

Little Miss Four and A 1/2
and let me tell you that 1/2 is very important to a 4yr old. :)

Come play along, visit Scrap the Girls  and see what awesome prizes are up for grabs.

Until next time
Happy Creating
Audrey xx
Inspirational quotes for designers and other creatives. I want to print this as a #poster and hang it in my office!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Catch up 2

Where did February go, let alone March??? Where on earth does the time go these days!!! All I know is it goes way too fast. Another big catch up here so grab yourself a cuppa and have a read xx 
One of the reasons for the mammoth catch up is the fact that I'm now computer-less. My poor laptop had a glass of water knocked over it :( so I now have to share a puter.

Creatively I'm only just keeping up with my commitments, but hey at least I'm getting that done. Better than not creating at all.

March Pocket Letter Swap
Wanderlust and the board below were the theme for this swap.


Scrapping Clearly
February Pocket Letter Swap



The Prima girl is attached to the front of the pockets and I stuck a magnet on the back. 

Scrap the Girls  

I'm fast becoming a fan of sketches. We're all time poor these days and I'm finding the sketch is kick starting my mojo.
Come play along, there is some fabulous sponsors supplying awesome Price's, each month.

March Sketch Challenge

My take on the sketch.
First Haircut


Scrap the Girls 
February Mood Board Challenge

My take on the mood board. 

I Love You



A Card for someone special

Scrapping Clearly
January Pocket Letter Swap

January Challenge
This was a free for all challenge, using some of Darkroom Door products, they were the sponsor for this challenge. I got to use
the beautiful Montage - Art De Fleur set.

Montage - Art De Fleur

While looking for a photo to scrap for this months challenge I came across the photos of a trip to Paris (a trip of a life time, I must tell about in a future post) this one hit a cord. This is a photo of the statue Marianne that stands in Place De La Republique Paris France. My cousin owns and runs an Irish bar not far from her. I walked past and photographed her from many angles while there.


Marianne is a national symbol of France, symbolizing reason, liberty and the ideals of the republic.
The portrait of Marianne is seen frequently in France, including numerous statues, coins, stamps and banknotes. But the origins of Marianne remain unclear.
She emerged as a single figurehead during the revolutionary years, and was often shown in heroic roles, leading the republicans to freedom for example. Typically she wore a 'phrygian cap' (a soft felt conical hat), and this is now usually how Marianne is depicted. (copied & pasted from Here)
République Statue Liberty (Marianne) Leading the   People, by Eugene Delacroix, 1830
What a girl she was! 

November 13 2015, two weeks after leaving Paris and already home, terrorist attacked Paris in various places. 
My cousin who I stayed with while there, has his bar is right in the middle of where the attacks occurred and was having dinner at a restaurant 500 meters away from where the restaurant shootings happened. His sister was on the phone as he ran through Paris from the restaurant to his bar to check on his staff and patrons, all while Paris was going into lock down. I chatted with my cousin as she tried to get in contact with her brother. She spent a long time trying to contact him, after the initial contact and I could only sit helpless watching the drama unfolded on the the TV. Noting all the familiar pictures of places I'd seen while there.
One of those images, the statue of Marianne in De La Republique, has become a meeting place for people and demonstrations, there was one on the day we passed her. it is symbol of solidarity and force against terror in our world. People gathered at her from all over France to show sympathy and support for those affected by the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Jan of 2015 and then again after the attacks in November. 

The statue is now covered in tributes to the lost and stands as a reminder of the world coming together to show ISIS (can't even bring myself to write that, it sickens me so much) that we want to be one against such atrocities, a gesture of defiance.

My layout.

Cyber Crop

I planned my Australia Day Long weekend as a scrap weekend at home. Scrapping Clearly  had a Cyber crop. I've never participated in one before and really didn't know what they were about. For those like me, it was scrapping wherever you where but at the same time as others and messages, challenges and competitions etc were posted on the Scrapping Clearly Facebook page. It was good fun and got me scrapping. Mind you I only finished a couple of things. One of those was a Blind challenge. Where you scrap with instructions only. It was really interesting to see the various end results. I really enjoyed this one and would do again.  


Wedding Guest Book

My little brother got married in NZ in January and I made them a guest book. Not the best of photos got snapped of this 20seconds before running out the door with it. But you'll get the idea :)


December 2015 Pocket Letter Swap
These are so much fun and really help to get the mojo going if it dries up like mine does all the time. I joined Scrapping Clearly once again for their monthly swap.


Oh gosh!! if you've stuck with me to here, well done lol
Until next time
Happy Creating
inspiration means nothing unless its followed by creating so get out there and create: